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We are Saxum Capital.
Your Family Office

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Strong. Sharp. In Sync with the future.

Standing by you with the highest level of advisory.

About us

Who we are

An extension of your own mind. Bespoke. Advanced. 360 degrees advisory.

We completely identify ourselves with your interests.

Count on us for what we are

We connect you to the true potential of your asset portfolio.

Contact us for what we do

We are not just a broker or a bank.

We think, link and sync. In your service. We take time to truly understand your context and perspective and find the sharpest solutions so you should optimize your wealth.

Endorse us for what we are not

Our mindset

First and foremost,
we are your architects of value.

We offer a truly bespoke and personalized service, dedicated to the improvement of your asset environment.

Our strategic approach.

Solid experience combined with
a drive for innovation.

Our values.

Absolute independence and transparency. Total commitment
to your interests.

Our mission.

Sustainable, well-crafted and efficient asset architecture,
focused on syncing you with the real potential
of your wealth.

Our services


We think of your wealth environment as an ever-changing canvas.

Asset Management


It’s in our nature to sync all your financial data without any conflict of interest.



When we support you with investment decisions, we’re driven by performance.

Direct Investments


When it comes to thinking ahead, integration is key.

Wealth Planning

Your benefits

SYNC with the real potential of your wealth
Through very detailed audit and analysis we enable you to access an integrated layout of your asset environment, so you should have a clear, sharp image of its potential. The next step comes naturally: completely activate these opportunities and sync with the best version of your wealth.
REACH your peace of mind
Simplicity is complexity resolved. And this is your first benefit when working with us: gaining peace of mind, and thus enjoying a simpler, more fulfilling life.

We bring clarity to layered, amassed asset structures, resolving complexity and making your wealth portfolio look transparent, easy to manage and cost efficient.
RELISH your time we dedicate ours to protecting your interests. Count on our absolute independence in recommending the best banking solution, and furthermore, handling each and every detail, in order for your portfolio to thrive.

Thus, you can genuinely focus on what matters most: your time, the greatest and most precious wealth.
EXPECT what suits you best
Your wealth is a unique, exclusive matter, and we couldn’t treat it any less than in a unique, exclusive manner.

We never use standard approaches. Instead, we create a made-to-measure strategy, thoughtfully crafted to fit you.

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